Delivering Mussels and Clams to Your Doorstep in Sydney


Live Spring Bay Blue Mussels (1kg Pack)

Regular price $15.99
Tasmanian growns. Known for their plump meaty texture and sweet flavour

Westhaven Littleneck Clams (1kg pack) 

Regular price $21.99
Plump and juicy meat, briny and mild flavour and very tender.

New Zealand Greenshell Mussels - Frozen(1kg pack) 

Regular price $11.99
Farm raised in the pristine clear waters in New Zealand. Frozen

New Zealand Natural Marinated Mussels (per tub)

Regular price $9.99
Talleys Natural Marinated Mussels

New Zealand Chilli Marinated Mussels (per tub)

Regular price $9.99
Talleys Chilli marinated mussels

New Zealand Garlic Marinated Mussels (per tub)

Regular price $9.99
Talleys Garlic marinated mussels

New Zealand Littleneck Clams (1kg pack) 

Regular price $21.99
Plump and juicy meat, briny and mild flavour and very tender.

Marinara Mix (1 kilo) 

Regular price $28.99
Fresh Seafood Marinara Mix (1kg)  

Sea Food Boss Brings the Freshest Mussels and Clams to Your Door

Look no further for grit-free and beardless mussels and clams! Sea Food Boss is here to introduce you to a whole new world of fresh seafood through an online, interactive seafood market. We take pride in sourcing the highest quality seafood from the most reputable local fishmongers and suppliers, as well as from the Sydney Fish Market. This allows us to not only offer the best prices to our customers but also the freshest mussels and clams delivery in Sydney. 

Freshness That Speaks for Itself:

Let your eyes be your guide when you order from us. The mussels and clams will be delivered with wet, shiny shells because we keep them stored on ice to preserve their freshness to the greatest extent. Plus, we pay keen attention to the packaging because it plays a crucial role in maintaining freshness. Using appropriate materials of the highest quality, we deliver your orders packed with sheer goodness.

Not only do our products look great, but they also smell like the ocean and sea air: briny and fresh! With Sea Food Boss, you will never receive mussels and clams that smell overly fishy.

Other than that, the shells are closed tightly, thanks to our careful quality assurance procedure which involves grading and discarding any that don’t close or those with chipped or cracked shells. This is what makes us the go-to destination for the freshest seafood in Sydney.

Order Now!

Fresh, safe, and free of grit and any hint of pollution, you can taste the freshness and quality in every bite of these delicious mussels and clams that leave the water and get delivered directly to your home. Waste no more time searching phrases like “mussels and clams near me.” Place your order now and witness for yourself!