Complete Fish & Frozen Seafood Offerings in Sydney


Crumbed Crab Claws (1kg Pack) 

Regular price $26.99
Crumbed crab claws  

Seafood Flakes (1 kilo)

Regular price $14.99
Frozen seafood flakes.  Perfect for Seafood Salad

New Zealand Greenshell Mussels - Frozen(1kg pack) 

Regular price $11.99
Farm raised in the pristine clear waters in New Zealand. Frozen

Australian Peeled Raw Prawns tail on (1 kilo pack)

Regular price $79.99
Buy Australian Peeled Raw Prawns Tail On and dive into a world of culinary excellence with our premium seafood offering that invites you to explore the rich and succulent flavours of Australia's pristine waters. Sourced with utmost care and delivered...

Scampi (1kg Box) 

Regular price $99.99
Premium Grade Scampi. 1kg Box  

Dive into Freshness with Our Delectable Fish and Frozen Seafood!

When it comes to quality and convenience, our Fish and Frozen Seafood collection stands out. Experience the best of both worlds with our range of Fish and Frozen Seafood, all available for Delivery in Sydney.

The Ultimate Convenience: Fish and Frozen Seafood Delivered to Your Doorstep

Craving a seafood feast? With our frozen fish delivery in Sydney, you can now enjoy restaurant-quality seafood at home. We make it easy to access the finest seafood without sacrificing flavour or freshness.

Fish and Frozen Seafood, Uncompromising Quality

We understand that life can get busy, so we offer Fresh Seafood Delivery in Sydney, including a wide selection of Fish and Frozen Seafood options. We freeze our fish at the peak of freshness, ensuring you savour the same premium quality you'd expect from fresh seafood. It's a game-changer for seafood lovers who demand both quality and ease.

Unlock Multiple Possibilities

Our Frozen Fish isn't just about convenience; it's about creativity. Our diverse range allows you to experiment with various cooking techniques, flavours, and recipes while enjoying the sea's unparalleled taste.

Sea Food Boss: Your Trusted Source for Frozen Fish Seafood

Sea Food Boss is your go-to choice for Frozen Fish food for those who appreciate the best. Elevate your dining experience with our top-tier frozen fish options, available for delivery in Sydney. Order now and experience seafood excellence in the comfort of your home!